How do I pay?

You can pay your tutor in two ways.

(a) Pre-payment (most people opt for this): Lessons are purchased in advance and receive a 10% discount compared with the monthly billing scheme.

Typically students purchase an initial trial of 3 sessions and subsequent lessons are bought in blocks of 6. There is flexibility here so if you want to purchase one trial lesson or buy lessons in smaller blocks then that’s fine. Remember, though, you’re expected to pay for all lessons in advance.

At the end of your pre-paid block, tuition will carry on as usual unless you’ve given us and your tutor the required one week’s notice, and your tutor will charge you for any additional sessions. If your account does fall into deficit you’ll receive a warning that you need to purchase a new block of sessions. If payment is not received then your account will be switched to the monthly billing scheme and all lessons taken while your account is in deficit will be charged at the monthly billing rate which is higher than the pre-pay rate.

(d) Monthly billing: Lessons are billed monthly in arrears but they will be 10% more expensive than the pre-payment rate.

Brainy Tutors acts as an agent for your tutor and accepts and bills for payment on their behalf. This leaves your tutor able to concentrate on tutoring you which is what they do best. The easiest way to pay for sessions is by logging into your Student Zone and purchasing lessons online via our secure payment pages. Alternatively you can ring to pay by card over the phone on 0845 094 1866 or pay by bank transfer.