The 11+ examination is taken by many pupils towards the end of Year 5 and beginning of Year 6 of primary school and is used as a means of selecting those students who can progress to either a grammar school or possibly a selective private school.

The content of the 11+ examination varies between local authorities and grammar schools but the basic content focuses on four main areas:

Verbal reasoning
Non-verbal reasoning

There are two standards for 11+ papers:

Traditional: Children write answers on the test paper in the spaces provided
Multiple Choice: Children marks the correct answer on a separate sheet or booklet. This test in itself is a test of non-verbal reasoning.

Whichever test your child is taking, there is significant competition for places at grammar schools or selective private schools and nearly all pupils will require some sort of extra tuition to succeed. A private 11+ tutor can work on problem areas with your child to ensure they meet the required standard. They can also work on exam technique to ensure success.

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