We have tutors for all levels and subjects at undergraduate level as well as courses such as BTEC. Our tutors are typically lecturers, professors or PhD students with extensive teaching experience from some of the UK’s leading universities. They will offer tutoring, help and guidance to ensure students perform to the best of their ability and achieve the high grades they deserve.

They are all specialists in their chosen subjects, including; Maths, English, Science, Economics, Law, Engineering, Medicine, Business, History, Finance and many more.

How can a private tutor help you succeed in your degree?

  • One-to-one tuition on course areas you need extra help with.
  • Your tutor will be able to explain difficult concepts and help in your understanding of the subject material.
  • Provide guidance on coursework including assessment or editing.
  • Help and guidance with dissertations or course work. Exam preparation advice and revision sessions.