KS1 is divided into two year groups. Ages 5-6 in Year 1 and ages 6-7 in Year 2. There are three core subjects as well as nine foundation subjects.

Most of our KS1 tutors can teach across the whole subject range from maths to history, although we also have specialist tutors for subjects like music.

There are three main tests children face at this level and a KS1 tutor can help to build confidence and ensure your child is on track. The first is the Year 1 phonics test which a child must pass or they will be required to sit it again in Year 2. There are then tests in May at the end of both Year 1 and Year 2. The Year 2 SATs test are national tests and cover English reading, English grammar, punctuation and spelling and maths. Results of the Year 2 SATs are released in July.

If you’d like to book a KS1 maths tutor or KS1 English tutor or a teacher for any other subject then please do not hesitate to call us on 0203 745 7753 or fill in the Quick Contact form to the left.