Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) are compulsory tests for primary school children with two exams taken at the end of KS1 and KS2 in Year 2 and Year 6 respectively. SATs are designed to help schools and parents assess their child’s progress against their peers in their own school and also across the country. They help to identify both strengths and weaknesses with your child’s knowledge.

At KS1 SATs focus on reading, grammar, punctuation, spelling and maths. There are also assessed by their teacher in speaking and listening as well as science.

KS2 SATs involve a test of reading, maths, punctuation, spelling and grammar. The tests are both set and marked externally.

Significant changes for KS2 SATs were made in line with curriculum changes in 2016. The first of the new SATs exams will be in 2017 and the content is significantly more difficult than it was previously. It’s also possible that those not scoring high enough will be required to resit them in Year 7.

SATs, expecially at KS2 level, are an important milestone for your child and it is important that they perform well. Many secondary schools will use SATs results to stream new pupils by level. While it is important for children not to become stressed by exams at such an early age many find the prospect of being examined daunting. A private tutor can help to build confidence and work with your child to ensure they are performing to the best of their ability. Tutors can help struggling students while push better performing pupils to reach the highest grade. All of our tutors are qualified and will be able to go through test papers with your child.

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