We can provide tutors for all subjects and for all levels from P1 to P7 and S1 to S6.

Primary Tutors

As part of the Curriculum for Excellence, new national standardised assessments for pupils in P1, P4 and P7 which are currently being piloted are set to be rolled out in 2017. There aim is to drive up attainment and will focus on numeracy and literacy in much the same was as the SATs do in other parts of the UK.

The tests will provide a useful benchmark to gauge your child’s progress during primary school. A private tutor can help those students struggling in basic maths or English to ensure they meet and exceed the required standard. Private tuition can also help to push those students already making the grade to achieve top results.

Secondary Tutors

Changes to the new secondary exams have now been phased in with children now taking Nationals, Highers and Advanced Highers. The new exams have been viewed as more difficult, not least due to the Highers maths exam in 2015 being deemed too hard by the Scottish Qualifications Authority. This has led to increased demand for private tuition with many parents wanting to help their child achieve the best they possibly can. We have tutors in all subjects and all levels that can help to boost grades.

How will a private tutor help?

  • Your child will receive one-to-one attention. Every child learns differently. Some are visual learners others auditory, while others are kinesthetic. Private tuition can be tailored to the needs of your child.
  • A private tutor will work at your child’s pace. In a classroom of 30 pupils some find they are left behind while others are not stretched enough. Some children find they’re missing some basics which makes further learning difficult.  Private tuition is all about your child and will adapt to their speed of learning.
  • Positive work environment. Some children find the classroom environment restricts their learning either due to a lack of confidence or not wanting to stand out. Engaging a tutor who is excited about teaching their subject in a friendly environment helps to enthuse less enthusiastic pupils and instill confidence.
  • Boost grades. The evidence suggests that private tuition helps to boost results by around one and a half grades. Underperforming students can turn a D into a B while higher performers can achieve the A* they deserve.
  • Feedback. Parents will typically talk to their child’s school teacher once per term to give them an update on how their child is progressing. A private tutor can continually assess your child at every lessons and will be able to discuss with parents exactly how they are doing as well as outlining what strengths and weaknesses are.