French is still the most widely taught language in UK schools despite the growing popularity of learning other languages such as Spanish or Mandarin Chinese. In fact one recent study predicted that there will be more French speakers in the world by 2050 than any other language. This might sound surprising, but French speakers are not limited to France and ballooning populations in sub-Saharan Africa, where French is widely spoken, are set to swell the number of French native speakers.

Getting to grips with French grammar can be difficult for learners, while the classroom environment does not give enough time for students to actually speak the language, especially at GCSE level. Moreover, many students lack the confidence to speak in class. A private French tutor ensures that your child receives all the attention they need and when it comes to languages the one-to-one environment is perfect as it allows them to speak in a nurturing environment.

Higher level students at A-level or degree level also benefit greatly from having a native or near native speaker to practise with as well as help them with comprehension practise. Our French tutors will also be able to help pupils with difficult areas of grammar or translation problems student face.

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