Private English teacher

English is a core part of the school curriculum throughout primary and secondary education. Whether you need a private English teacher to teach the basics of reading and writing or to help a GCSE student to analyse Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, we can arrange a qualified private tutors  in London or anywhere in the UK, well versed in their subject material. We also have specialist tutors that can help those children with dyslexia or other learning needs.

When you get in touch to book your Private English teacher in London or throughout the UK we’ll discuss in detail exactly what your needs are to ensure that we assign exactly the right tutor for your child in line with their age and needs.

Primary English

It is crucial that children get a good grounding in English from an early age. Simple problems with phonics or grammar in primary can lead to issues when students get to secondary school and find that they are not equipped with the basic tools to apply to more complex work and texts. Unfortunately many children find the classroom environment daunting and tutors cannot always ensure that everyone is making the progress they need to. A private English teacher can really help to build confidence and address specific problem areas children have.

Secondary English

Changes to the national curriculum introduced in 2015 make GCSEs significantly more demanding for students. Ofqual has judged that historically English has been overgraded which means that the step up in difficulty for English students is greater than in other subjects.

The most critical changes are that the course will be more demanding, especially at grade C level, assessment will not all be external and students will be examined at the end of the course only.

The first examinations on the new basis will be in 2017 and there will also be a new grading system introduced. Many parents feel that the first students taking the new course are disadvantaged and have had to overcome a significant jump in the level needed to attain a good grade. Indeed we expect demand for private tuition london and throughout the UK in the run up to exams in 2017 to be well above that seen in previous years.

If you’d like to book a Private English teacher in London or elsewhere in the UK then please call and speak to one of the team on 0203 745 7753 on fill in the Quick Contact form to the left.