The Spanish language is the second most spoken language in the world. With 329 million speakers its ahead of English, although well behind Chinese with its 1.2 billion speakers. Spanish, though, is spoken far more widely than Chinese and is in fact the fourth most widely spoken language in the world.

While French has always been the traditional language taught at school, many schools now offer Spanish given its huge and growing popularity. It’s popularity has been driven by more people travelling to Latin and South America in recent years where the language is spoken in many countries like Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Chile and Ecuador.

It’s also thought of as one of the easier languages to learn. This is not least due to it’s phonetic nature which makes pronunciation relatively easy compared with many other languages.

On the the main issues with learning a language in the classroom environment especially at GCSE level is that learners do not get enough opportunity to speak the language which is critical if they are going to both understand it as well as enjoy learning.  One-to-one private tuition in Spanish is ideal to practise the spoken language as well as help with any issues with grammar, reading and comprehension.

The majority of our Spanish tutors are native from either mainland Spain or South America and are well versed in the curriculum at both GCSE and A-level. We also have significant demand from degree level speakers who need to improve their level of fluency.

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