Why Private Tuition

Parents choose a home tutor for a variety of reasons. You may want to help a child who has fallen behind, to stretch your child to achieve the highest grade possible or enable them to take a subject outside the school curriculum.

Studies show that private tuition can boost grades by on average one and a half grades, with many students benefiting even more. Students consistently scoring a D grade at school can soon be pushed up to a B. And pupils scoring a B grade can achieve the A grade they deserve.

We’ve identified 7 more benefits of private tuition and why it works:

  1. The most important benefit is that your child receives all the attention of the teacher. Many children struggle in a large class and can often feel neglected or left out.
  2. Private tuition is tailored exactly to the student’s needs. This means that lessons can move at the right pace for the child. This allows the tutor to ensure pupils understand what’s being taught before moving on.
  3. Confidence. The special one-to-one relationship between a tutor and student helps to build confidence. Tutors are able to assess pupils’ learning styles and tailor tuition exactly to their needs.
  4. Ask Questions: Putting your hand up in a class of 30 students can be daunting. The one-to-one bond between a private teacher and their student means pupils have the freedom to to ask all the questions they need. This also helps them to become more confident in the classroom at school.
  5. Homework help. Many students can feel overloaded by homework. A tutor can provide guidance for homework and make it feel less of a chore.
  6. Exam preparation. A private tutor can help with exam preparation and focus on those areas pupils are struggling with and identify and build on strengths. By working through previous exam papers tutors can ensure students are armed with the knowledge, tips and tricks to ensure they achieve the best grade possible.
  7. Feedback. Often you might only speak to your child’s school teacher once per term and even then for only a short period. A private tutor means their is continuous feedback for parents, where tutors can highlight issues or concerns or simply tell you just how well your child is performing.