Conquering Maths

Many students find maths hard. When asked what is the most difficult subject at school it tops the poll in surveys of children.

There are a number of reasons why students find maths hard. Some studies suggest that people are hard wired into being good at maths, with left-brain thinkers better able to grasp mathematical concepts. In contrast, right-brain thinkers tend to be more artistic.

Our own experience suggests that all students can conquer maths if taught in the right way. One of the key reasons that students find maths difficult is because they do not have a good understanding of the basic building blocks of maths. Unlike many other subjects maths builds on knowledge already learned and students need to understand clearly before moving on.

Typically issues can arise when pupils move from primary to secondary education. Those students who were just managing to get by suddenly find that new concepts become increasingly difficult to grasp as they don’t have a very good understanding of maths at the primary level. Even good schools with reasonable resources find it difficult to ensure that every student is equipped with and has a good understanding of all the basic maths building blocks. The result is that students move on to learn new concepts without a good solid foundation.

This is where a private maths tutor can help. They will be able to quickly see where your child is struggling and ensure that they have a good grip of the basics of maths. They will be able to build confidence in your child and eventually conquer any fears they have with maths.