Learn German and Other Subjects – Hire a German Tutor in London

Learning a language has many advantages. There’s the obvious advantage that you’ll be able to speak in that language with other speakers ,opening up a new world and new cultures. There are, though, other positives to learning a new language. Studies show that those who learn or speak another language tend to have better analytical skills, enabling them to solve problems and deal with abstract concepts. Foreign language learners also tend to be more creative and have a more positive attitude and less prejudices to those of other cultures.

In the UK, the standard of language learning in schools is very mixed. At primary most schools fail to provide regular professional language classes for children with many starting secondary school with little knowledge of any language. This contrasts with most European countries where language learning is started very early on in a child’s education. Even at secondary level many students find learning a language difficult, not least because they are placed in a very large class in terms of numbers.

Learning a new language requires learners to be able to speak the language and more often than not in a school environment, pupils do not get the opportunity to do this. Or they often feel too shy or intimidated to speak up in class.

While learning Spanish is taking the lead in many schools given its growing popularity, more traditional languages such as German are still popular and very useful to learn. In terms of native speakers, you might be surprised to learn that German is the most spoken language in Europe.English speakers also often find German relatively easy to learn given they both have the same Germanic root. And learning German will give you an advantage in business when it comes to dealing with Europe’s economic powerhouse.

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