Our Approach

Creating Success with a Personalised Approach

Every student is different. Our tailored approach means we carefully match students to tutors according to their specific needs and preferences. Tutors are selected not only according to how well they know their subject matter, but they must also have a proven ability to teach and enthuse pupils. Young people need to feel inspired to learn and our tutors help to build interest in subject matter in an engaging manner.

A tutor from Brainy Tutors will develop an individual learning programme which targets the key needs of the pupil. It’s an approach that has proven highly effective, enabling pupils to progress quickly with many going on to achieve the highest grades in both entrance and public exams

Gettting the Building Blocks Right

Many pupils fall behind at school because they do not have a firm grasp of the basics at an early stage. This lack of fundamental knowledge can hold back progress and often causes pupils to lack confidence. It is often not possible for classroom teachers to go back and ensure that all pupils have a solid understanding before the class moves on.

Our tutors can easily assess where gaps in knowledge are and provide personalised tuition to ensure that pupil’s have a solid foundation to work from. By working thoroughly and slowly through to plug these gaps often has dramatic results on not only a student’s performance but also their self-esteem and confidence.

How Brainy Tutors Works

  1. Initial Consultation: One of our experienced staff will speak with you about your child’s learning needs and goals. We’ll not only ask you about your child’s grades but we’ll also be keen to know if there is a particular learning style they prefer.
  2. Tutor Matching: We’ll allocate a tutor who we believe is the right fit for your child and send you details.
  3. Introduction: We’ll arrange a phone conversation with your tutor so they can introduce themselves. This also gives them an opportunity to speak in more depth about your child’s progress, needs and learning goals. The tutor may also want to speak or meet with your child directly to assess them or speak with their school teacher.
  4. Tutoring: The tuition course may involve one or more sessions per week. Your tutor will teach a personalised curriculum for your child to help boost confidence and improve grades.
  5. Feedback and support: You can monitor your child’s learning journey quickly and easily online. Your tutor can provide feedback to you after every lesson and the team at Brainy Tutors is always on hand to support your child with their learning.