Our Tutors

We only work with highly educated, passionate and professional tutors who love to teach and inspire their pupils. The recent studies have shown that buyviagraed.com is safe to use. It is legal anywhere in the world. Many of our tutors have studied at Oxford or Cambridge or other top Russell Group universities.

All tutors go through a rigorous screening process in order to work with us. womens health. This means that you can rest assured that the tutor we assign is a professional who through their commitment and expertise will ensure your child reaches their potential.

  • Well Educated Tutors: Tutors from top flight universities including Oxford and Cambridge or other leading Russell Group institutions that have a flair for and love of teaching.
  • Experienced Tutors: Many of our tutors have dedicated their lives to teaching and have worked in leading schools throughout the country. Others have years of experience tutoring privately and a proven track record in nurturing talent.
  • Vetted: All of our tutors have been DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked.
  • Personal Touch: We know all of our tutors and have fully assessed their teaching experience, commitment, professionalism and passion for teaching. We’ll allocate a tutor who we believe is the best fit for your child and that will help them to achieve their goals.


Below are just some of the tutors we work with at Brainy Tutors





Subjects and Levels Taught

Maths (11+, GCSE, IB, A-Level)

About Matt

I've always been fascinated by numbers and everything mathematical, even from an early age back in primary education. Ansd that fascination drove me to continue my studies in maths right up to degree level where I graduated from Cambridge with a BA in Mathematics.

Teaching Approach

I am passionate about maths and I love to share that passion in my teaching. Many students find maths difficult, which is often because they have missed out on learning the necessary building blocks along the way. By securing this basic grounding I help students to gain confidence. I'm always keen to breathe some life into a subject that so many are scared of, by using real world examples and showing students how maths is used in everyday life. Often children just need a bit of extra help to develop confidence, at which point their test marks will start to improve.

Personal Interests

I'm a keen cyclist and am usually out at the weekends tackling the Surrey hills. I'm also a novice climber and am enjoying getting to grips with the sport.


"Thanks very much for tutoring Joe. I'm pleased to say that he was awarded an A* in maths and that was due in part at least to Matt's patience and ability to engage him in a subject he's never really excelled in. Matt is polite and professional and always kept us informed about Joe's progress". Mrs Hepworth, London

"Emily has always enjoyed her lessons with Matt. He manages to break down difficult concepts and explain them in a way that makes sense.  Matt was always enthusiastic and encouraging and has helped to build Emily's confidence. Thanks". Mrs Kaur.



    Maths. English


    Subjects and Levels Taught

    English and History (11+, GCSE, IB, A-Level)

    About Sarah

    I studied undergraduate English and history at the University of Durham and graduated with a BA (Hons) in English Literature and History. I also have an MA in English and modern culture from University College London. I've been tutoring in English Language, English Literature and History for over three years now and have found it a thoroughly rewarding experience.

    Teaching Approach

    Every student is different and I'm always keen to ensure that I adapt my own teaching style to their needs. I like to use a variety of teaching materials to enthuse students depending on the area of study. I find using quizzes and multimedia help to engage and motivate students. I love to study literature and enjoy opening this world to students, whether through Shakespeare or Austen or more modern texts.

    Personal Interests

    I love to cook and I also enjoy cycling and walking. I'm also never too far away from a good book!"


    "Jenna was struggling with English literature and found Shakespeare in particular difficult to understand. Sarah has managed to bring the texts alive and really helped to boost her confidence." Mr Cardle, London

      Maths Tutor



      Subjects and Levels Taught

      Maths (GCSE, IGCSE)

      About Debasish

      I studied undergraduate Mechanical Engineering at Jadavpur University in Kolkata. I also have an MBA from the University of Edinburgh.

      Teaching Approach

      I believe in bringing out the best in every student by ensuring they understand the basic mathematical concepts using a systematic approach. This means in adopting a specific method to improve grades, which is bespoke for individual students. It is important to walk before we run. Education, in my opinion, is about all round development where it is best to set realistic goals for students to enable them to achieve more in the end. What matters to me is to ensure that the student tries their best to achieve their potential grades along with gaining accurate and essential understanding of the subject matter.

      Through perseverance and commitment I have taught many students to achieve the highest grades.

        Maths tutor



        Subjects and Levels Taught

        Maths (Reception, KS1, KS2, GCSE, Special Needs)

        About Adrian

        Experienced and qualified professional with excellent tuition skills in Mathematics. Very good interpersonal and relationship skills. Friendly with a very good sense of humour. Dedicated and enthusiastic. Achieving high success rates on a regular basis. Great help offered if you are at low and very low Math Foundation level. Excellent support for Math Higher Tiers. Trained in dealing with Special Needs students.

        Teaching Approach

        I would like my students to understand the logic behind mathematical applications and not just memorise the mechanics of solving exercises. I aim to make Mathematics something interesting, intriguing, useful, challenging and fun. I aim to enable the students to develop a useful tool for them to use throughout their life. My lessons are planned and structured based on the National Curriculum and the respective key stage requirements and programmes of study.

        I keep a weekly progress sheet for each student for monitoring progress through the tutoring sessions.

        Personal Interests

        I’ve always enjoyed Mathematics and I love explaining it. I have been giving Math tuition since I was a student at University, this was some 35 years ago, when I use to participate in National and International Math competitions. I am a fully qualified Chartered Engineer and have applied my mathematical skills in engineering for most of my career. I combine 35 years of practical ( engineering) and theoretical ( mathematics)  experience in my teaching methods.


        "We are delighted with the teaching he is providing our son who has defined Adrian as highly knowledgeable, clear and engaging. We would recommend him without hesitation". Lorenza (GCSE)

        "Brilliant, patient and understanding of my daughter's specific needs for her to be able to succeed." Gabriela (GCSE)

        "Very good indeed impressed with Adrian assessment of my son's needs. He is an excellent communicator. Highly recommended." Robert (GCSE)

          Business and Law Tutor


          Economics, Business, ICT

          Subjects and Levels Taught

          Business (Grammar 11+, KS3, KS4 GCSE, Cambridge Pre-U, IB, A-Level, University, Adult General, Adult Business)

          Economics (Grammar 11+, KS3, KS4 GCSE, Cambridge Pre-U, IB, A-Level, University, Adult General, Adult Business)

          Computer Studies (KS3, KS4 GCSE, Cambridge Pre-U, IB, A-Level, University, Adult General, Adult Business)

          Law (A-Level)

          Accounting (GCSE, A, Level, Degree, Professional e.g. ACCA & CIMA)

          Accountancy courses (most subjects-Professional and Post-Graduate (e.g. ACCA & CIMA)

          Finance (GCSE, BTec, A, Level, HNC, HND)

          Expert on the First World War

          About Laurence

          Qualified Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA). Original teaching qualification was a City and Guilds 7307, but my qualification has been updated and upgraded to a Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (level 7) –Accounting, Banking, and Finance. I am also a qualified assessor (level 3) with an A1 certification. Professional memberships include: Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants, and Chartered Associate of the London Institute of Banking and Finance.


          Teaching Approach

          Through years of practical experience, I am very comfortable in bringing lessons to life. I can draw upon personal experience (some of which is amusing), and even amusing  anecdotes from third parties. Very caring and altruistic, and I provide free materials to students. I believe in education rather than learning, meaning that I do not believe that lesson material should be restricted to just helping a student pass an exam, but I believe it should go beyond that, to be useful perhaps even in future employment. I pride myself in the grades achieved by my students with more than a 75% pass rate, and A Level students generally reaching A or B grades. I am very committed and reliable.


          Personal Interests

          I have included first world war history in  my “subjects taught” because I have written a biography (not yet published) about my grandfather, which needed extensive research into the first world war. The story deserves to be made into a film, and I have researched this possibility. Have been a football supporter for 60 years, and some of this come across with examples in my lesson material. With my accountancy knowledge and interests in football, it follows that I have a great interest in football finance. A former treasurer of the Football Supporters Association (London Branch). Now engaged in writing a book on Business Ethics, and have just been offered a contract from a publisher.