German remains a very popular language to study in the UK. There are more native German speakers in Europe than any other language, mainly due to the fact that Germany is the most populous country. But German is not just limited to Germany, it’s also an official language in Austria, Switzerland,Luxembourg and Lichtenstein. It’s also the native language of large swathes of Europe including the Netherlands, northern Italy, eastern Belgium, Denmark, eastern France, the Czech Republic, parts of Poland and Russia.

German is relatively difficult to learn for English speakers. Learners must get their head round three genders, four noun case endings and long and winding words that test vocal dexterity. Grammar is, though, quite logical and there are some similarities with English.

As with all languages the main issue with classroom learning is the lack of time to practise spoken German as well as the lack of time for teachers to ensure everyone is keeping up with learning vocabulary and grammar. A one-to-one lesson with a private German tutor will bring huge benefits to both students who are struggling as well as those who are already performing well but want to excel. All our German tutors are qualified and the majority are native speakers. They are all well versed in both the GCSE and A-level curriculum.

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