Subjects and Levels Taught

Maths (11+, GCSE, IB, A-Level)

About Matt

I've always been fascinated by numbers and everything mathematical, even from an early age back in primary education. Ansd that fascination drove me to continue my studies in maths right up to degree level where I graduated from Cambridge with a BA in Mathematics.

Teaching Approach

I am passionate about maths and I love to share that passion in my teaching. Many students find maths difficult, which is often because they have missed out on learning the necessary building blocks along the way. By securing this basic grounding I help students to gain confidence. I'm always keen to breathe some life into a subject that so many are scared of, by using real world examples and showing students how maths is used in everyday life. Often children just need a bit of extra help to develop confidence, at which point their test marks will start to improve.

Personal Interests

I'm a keen cyclist and am usually out at the weekends tackling the Surrey hills. I'm also a novice climber and am enjoying getting to grips with the sport.


"Thanks very much for tutoring Joe. I'm pleased to say that he was awarded an A* in maths and that was due in part at least to Matt's patience and ability to engage him in a subject he's never really excelled in. Matt is polite and professional and always kept us informed about Joe's progress". Mrs Hepworth, London

"Emily has always enjoyed her lessons with Matt. He manages to break down difficult concepts and explain them in a way that makes sense.  Matt was always enthusiastic and encouraging and has helped to build Emily's confidence. Thanks". Mrs Kaur.